COPD Secondary Care - BPT Reports

The BPT for COPD will be in place for the financial years 2017/18 and 2018/19. The BPT applies to all non-elective admissions (defined by HRG DZ65), i.e. where the primary diagnosis is Acute Exacerbation of COPD (AECOPD), for trusts in England only.

Best practice will be considered achieved when 60% of trust patients with a primary diagnosis of COPD, admitted for an exacerbation of COPD, receive:

  • specialist input to their care within 24 hours of admission, and
  • a discharge bundle before discharge.

The BPT is made up of two components: a base tariff and a conditional top-up payment. The base tariff is paid irrespective of whether the characteristics of best practice are met. The conditional top up is payable by the commissioner if the defined characteristics listed above are met. Please note achievement is measured at trust, not patient, level. Therefore, if a trust has achieved the requisite 60%, every CCG which has a patient admitted (within scope) to that trust will be required to pay the conditional top up. Likewise, if a trust has not met the requisite 60%, the conditional top up will not be received from any CCG.

Attainment against the COPD BPT is being measured by the National COPD Audit Programme’s continuous secondary care audit.

What the reports on this page show

In order to reconcile payment, commissioners will need to be able to discern if the provider (i.e. the trust) has achieved best practice or not. The National COPD Audit Programme has, therefore, agreed to provide reports which confirm (for any given provider) if a BPT conditional top up is required. Quarterly and year-to-date reports will be made publicly available on a quarterly basis, at provider-level. The metrics are displayed individually, and also in combination for the BPT. These aggregated provider-level results are displayed in a pdf table, so commissioners will need to search and/or scroll down for the results in which they are interested. Where a provider and commissioner agree reconciliation over a period greater than quarterly, or where the provider have a low level of BPT applicable activity in a quarter, it may be more appropriate to agree to use the year-to-date report.

Key points to note

  • Only trusts that have registered to participate in the National COPD Audit audit are listed in the report.
  • The reports show trust (not individual hospital) BPT attainment. We ask hospitals to be mindful of this when reviewing their results and to contact colleagues in other associated hospitals if necessary.
  • These reports show quarterly or year-to-date (not monthly) BPT attainment. Hospital specific run-charts depict monthly attainment, however, attaining the BPT for one month in a quarter is not necessarily sufficient to ensure attainment for the quarter or the year-to-date.
  • The onus is on each trust to explain and follow up payment with their local commissioner. Please speak to a member of your hospital’s finance team for more information.

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If you have any questions, please contact the COPD audit helpdesk on 020 3075 1526 or email:

Quarterly Reports

BPT Report 2017/Q1

(04/08/2017 - 44.5Kb)

BPT Report 2017/Q2

(03/11/2017 - 50.9Kb)

BPT Report 2017/Q3

(02/02/2018 09:22 - 55.6Kb)

Year to Date Reports

BPT Report 2017/Q2 YTD

(30/11/2017 14:26 - 52.3Kb)

BPT Report 2017/Q3 YTD

(02/02/2018 09:21 - 60.9Kb)

Other BPT downloads

BPT Calculator (v3.3)

(01/12/2017 - 25.4Kb)